Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ever hit a hole in one?Meet Jackie Gagne

Ok. So you are 46 , bored of business and looking to move away from the monotony of daily life...Fair enough.

You take up golf and get addicted to it and spend most of your time on the golf course working on your game...Fair Enough.

You hit a hole in one.... Wow, but still, Fair enough(there is no dearth of luck on Earth)

Here comes the twist in the tale, since the third week of January she has hit 13 holes in one... yeah that's 13,THIRTEEN, 1+12=thirrrrteeeennnnn.

So, who is this wonderwoman? She is Jackie Gagne. Jackie who? Jackie Gagne a self proclaimed average golfer(YES, we can see that!). When the doubting thomas'(the press) showed up one day on the golf course to grill her on her achievement, she hit another hole in one. That was all the grilling they needed to do to believe her. The word amazing would be an understatement for this feat.
-> This is probably how Jackie sees the hole!

Someone like Tiger Woods, has only hit 18 of them, which one would consider pretty good but quite obviously pales in comparison to Jackie's effort. Of course if she goes at this pace within a year she would surpass the world record for the number of holes in one which stands at 59 right now, held by an amateur American golfer.

But would Jackie like to achieve that feat quickly? You would think yes, right? Well, not necessarily, because each time she hits a hole in one she has to treat everyone to a drink at the bar and while that maybe a feasible option a couple of times, 60 times within 15 months?? I am not so sure!
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Just a couple of months back Elsie Mclean from California was on the Tonight show with Jay Leno for achieving the distinction of being the oldest golfer to hit a hole in one. She was 102 when she achieved the feat.Jackie may surpass quite a few records in the near future but she will have to wait for another 57 years to take a stab at this particular record!

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