Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Boy oh boy!

At 15 Ryo Ishikawa is the youngest winner on the Japanese Tour


Wow! The real beauty is that he has beaten the previous record held by Seve by a margin of nearly five years. Seve achieved the feat when he was 20. This kid is not even a pro yet(he has to compete in a certain number of events before he can turn pro). A lot of people are making comparisons with Tiger and although that maybe a little premature, the mere fact that he is being compared with one of the legends of our times does suggest something special in the young boy.
Of course we will continue following his every move when he competes with the big boys!

Here is an article that appeared in Golfweek on how Ryo won the Munsingwear Open KSB Cup.

Here is more about Ryo's victory and what he had to say after the victory

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Koddy said...

I think Ryo Ishikawa is an awesome boy!
I think that if he keeps that way of training he is going to become a super human or stuff like that